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Who is the ABYC Foundation?

The ABYC Foundation, focuses on maintaining a direct connection between the marine industry and the schools and training programs that are educating future marine technicians.


ABYC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on workforce development and providing the educational resources that create lifelong career opportunities, to both currentand aspiring marine service technicians. The Foundation benefits from the knowledge and reach of the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), which is the

primary source for technical information throughout the marine industry. ABYC develops and maintains product safety standards that are used on 90% of US-built recreational boats. Additionally, these standards are the basis for ABYC’s Technician Certification program, which prepares individuals to build and maintain boats to the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Marine Trades Accreditation Program (MTAP)

The road to accreditation starts with becoming an “ABYC Foundation Affiliated School,” which allows instructors to network with other institutions focused on marine service, and gain discounts on training, as well as other special benefits. Schools that wish to continue on to accreditation must complete a substantial application process but all are encouraged to become an ABYC Foundation Affiliated School. 


Accreditation is available to all high school and post-secondary school marine service technology programs that deliver consistent and reliable instruction on industry-acknowledged topics and techniques. Practices, resources, and instructors must all meet ABYC Foundation Accreditation Commission standards.

This program is designed to be inclusive. Our goal is to help you provide dependable instruction in marine service technology no matter where you are based. By participating in MTAP®, your school will be evaluated on several levels of curriculum, supplies, and instruction. Once the evaluation criteria has been successfully met, your school can proudly call its Marine Service Technology program “Accredited.” 


This is not an overnight process. It involves time, effort, and research on your part as well as ours. While accreditation is the ultimate goal, the road to this goal offers many benefits to you and your students. From the day we begin this journey together, the resources at ABYC are available to you.


After almost 70 years in the boating safety business, we know our industry inside and out; we will help where
we can, and refer you to experts in the field where we cannot.

Let’s Work Together

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