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Since this is the first program of its kind - we expect questions and are happy to help! Here are some of the top ones we've heard but please contact us with any additional questions. We would love to help guide your school or training program through the process. 

  • What is the process for becoming accredited?
    Steps to achieve Marine Trades Accredited Program® designation 1. Become an ABYC Foundation Affiliated School 2. Submit application, exhibits, and required written responses to Accreditation Commission for review. 3. ABYC Foundation representatives conduct Site Visit of school 4. School addresses and corrects any deficiencies 5. School receives designation as an MTAP - valid for up to five years ​ Affiliated school status is open to any school that wants to join ABYC, and receive benefits of working with the ABYC Foundation and networking with other schools. Benefits include special discounts, instructor opportunities, and publicity.
  • What is the ABYC Foundation Accreditation Commission?
    The Accreditation Commission is comprised of 7-9 individuals from the recreational boating industry, academic institutions, and a member of the interested public. The President of ABYC, or their designee, is an ex-officio member. The Accreditation Commission approves applications and accreditation designation, determines any special requirement for the institution, reviews accreditation standards annually, and supports the MTAP.
  • How is the Marine Trades Accreditation Program different from the Marine Service Technology Program?
    The primary difference is the Marine Trades Accreditation Program (MTAP) is a designation for schools while the ABYC Marine Service Technology Program is a curriculum. Any school can purchase the ABYC Marine Service Technology curriculum, and it’s helpful to use the curriculum as a school seeks to participate in the MTAP, but it is not required. For more details on the Marine Service Technology Program click here.
  • What are the benefits of becoming an MTAP school?
    You can read more about benefits here.
  • What’s the difference between an “ABYC Affiliated Member” school and a “Marine Trades Accredited Program (MTAP)” school?
    ABYC Affiliated School Membership is open to any school that wants to join ABYC to receive such benefits as discounts, instructor opportunities, and publicity. A Marine Trades Accredited Program (MTAP) school has met the criteria set forth by the ABYC Foundation and the ABYC Foundation Accreditation Commission, and has passed an onsite visit. MTAP schools receive more extensive benefits and operate with the explicit “approval” of ABYC.
  • How long does the Accreditation last?
    Up to five years.
  • How is the ABYC Foundation promoting this to the marine industry?
    We will be marketing Accredited Institutions on the internet, and within a wide range of engagements and press opportunities for both the Foundation and ABYC. We want to connect the top tier schools to the industry and create fruitful relationships between them.
  • What are the fees associated with joining MTAP or becoming an ABYC Affiliated Membership school?
    Any high school or post-secondary school may become an ABYC Affiliated Member by filling out an application and paying annual dues of $750. Thereafter, if a school pursues MTAP Accredited Status, they will have an application and site visit fee as well as annual dues. Fees vary based on location and grade level.
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