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Workforce Development: Why it Matters

A well-trained workforce matters, but finding experienced technicians can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Identifying and hiring qualified workers runs much deeper than simply posting a job to LinkedIn or Indeed.... Read More


Workforce Development: How Can the Industry Help

Neil Collins was an auto mechanic in Maine for years. Then he bought a boat. “I learned [marine] systems by doing the refit on a boat we took on an over two-year-long sailing trip,” Collins stated..... Read More


ABYC Foundation 2021 Educators of the Year

Every year, the ABYC Foundation honors outstanding industry, high school, or post-secondary instructors who are preparing future marine service technicians for work in the marine industry. In 2021, the Foundation received multiple strong candidates, nominated by peers, administrators, and students.... Read More


Workforce Development: Working Towards the Future

It seems that this has been the decade of novel challenges. Supply chain shortages continue to plague the global economy as we all grow weary of new strains of Covid-19... Read More


Workforce Development: What's Available

Twenty-one-year old Sam (name changed) graduated from a high school with a strong trade-skills program—the only Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) high school in his region where he attended a series of automotive technology courses..... Read More


From Military to Marine Technician

Veterans are often an excellent fit for marine industry careers, and government benefits can pay for their training.... Read More

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Master Technicians in the Field

The number of women seeking certification as marine technicians continue to increase. Here, we profile five female technicians who show us that Certified Marine Technicians enter their careers for a variety of different reasons, from a changed career to a well-timed bit of advice from a career counselor, from responding to a job posting to turning their favorite pastime into a job.... Read More

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