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Road to Accreditation

Guided by an Accreditation Commission, the MTAP maintains appropriate standards, criteria, and processes so accredited institutions graduate or promote consistently well-trained entry-level technicians into the boating industry.


Steps to maintaining accreditation include curriculum review, onsite visits and consultations, and faculty with the appropriate applicable industry experience as well as ongoing professional development and academic training.

Steps to achieve Marine Trades Accredited Program® designation
1.   Become an ABYC Foundation Affiliated School
2.  Submit application, exhibits, and required written responses to Accreditation Commission for review.
3.  ABYC Foundation representatives conduct Site Visit of school
4.  School addresses and corrects any deficiencies
5.  School receives designation as an MTAP - valid for up to five years

Affiliated school status is open to any school that wants to join ABYC, and receive benefits of working with the ABYC Foundation and networking with other schools. Benefits include special discounts, instructor opportunities, and publicity.


Get started today! Join the ABYC Foundation Affiliated School program.

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