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Demand for Marine Technicians

The high demand for service technicians is a common theme at marine industry conferences. We know as an industry, one of the biggest challenges for boaters is the time and money associated with maintenance and repairs. A boat that needs infrequent repair, or a boat that receives high-quality and timely maintenance, keeps our customers on the water, significantly less frustrated, and potentially involved with boating for a lot longer. MTAP is designed to help schools produce more well-trained technicians who will better meet the boating industry’s unique needs.

MTAP-Tech demand.png

How can you help?

  • Reach out to schools that may be considering a new program or are expanding their current program. Here are some potential talking points:

    • Share an infographic with the economic impact of recreational boating in YOUR state!

    • Talk with school administrators about the curriculum resources available to them from the ABYC Foundation. Here's a handy flyer.

    • Share your business' story and your need for summer hires, and career employees

  • Offer to assist your local schools either from a financial standpoint with a donation if that’s appropriate or with equipment, engines, tools, PPE, or other miscellaneous items

  • Offer to work with one of the schools on an internship or mentorship program, and to serve on their marine program's advisory board

  • Participate in a job fair either in person or remotely. Encourage students to learn more about the recreational boating industry as well as the benefits of working in the industry and for your business specifically. Focus on culture and life balance as these are becoming increasingly important to those entering the workforce

  • Offer to purchase tool gift cards for graduating students

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