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Marine Trades Accreditation Program

The ABYC Foundation's 

industry pipeline for future marine technicians


What is MTAP?

The Marine Trades Accreditation Program (MTAP), powered by the ABYC Foundation, provides secondary and post-secondary school marine service technology programs with a third party review of curriculum, supplies, and instruction, as well as support on industry-acknowledged topics and techniques. The goal of the MTAP is to increase the quality and quantity of entry-level marine service employees by better connecting students with the boating industry and its needs.

The road to accreditation starts with becoming an “ABYC Foundation Affiliated School” which allows instructors to network with other institutions focused on marine service, and gain unique discounts and opportunities. Schools that want to continue on to accreditation must complete a substantial application process but all are encouraged to become an ABYC Foundation Affiliated School, which you can do today!

The Road to Accreditation

The road to accreditation begins by becoming an ABYC Foundation Affiliated School, which gives instructors access to educational resources, discounts, and ABYC Membership. Affiliation is the first step to becoming Accredited and is open to all schools and programs interested in making their training better.

Marine Industry Connection

For years, companies that build, maintain, or repair boats have not had a consistent, reliable source of new entry-level employees. As a result, there are jobs waiting for well-trained technicians from recognized schools. The goal of MTAP is to help better connect the student to the boating industry and its needs, through high quality institutions.


The Next Generation of Marine Service Techs


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